Poached Salmon in a Creamy Tomato Sauce

So firstly, wow! I was honestly not expecting the support my first post has received. You guys rock! Thank you! Slightly feeling the pressure now to deliver though, eek! But let’s crack on and see what happens huh?

My first recipe isn’t really an everyday meal. We were entertaining this evening – my brother and his wife are visiting from Sweden, so they were here for dinner. Hence why tonight’s meal we’d tend to class as ‘posh grub’. But I’ll be writing about what we’re really eating, so I’m going to start with this. And it’s such an easy, yet bloody tasty recipe, it’s not a bad  place to start.

Poached salmon in a creamy tomato sauce.
Poached salmon in a creamy tomato sauce.

Its funny, but I actually first found this recipe years ago when I was looking for a fish recipe to make for my sister-in-law Johanna (she’s a ‘kind of veggie’, as my Mum once famously told us, “It’s not for ethical reasons, she just doesn’t like the feel of meat in her mouth….”. Moving swiftly on…).

So here I was making it for her again. This is a good example of where I slightly change a recipe to fit the ingredients in my cupboard, and the time I have spare.



Poached Salmon

250ml white wine (obviously test first)

100ml white wine vinegar

400ml veg stock

1 tsp dried sage

4 salmon fillets

Tomato Sauce

2 garlic cloves, crushed/ 2 tsp frozen garlic

200ml double cream

30 cherry tomatoes, halved/ tin of cherry tomatoes

The original recipe calls for sage leaves, garlic cloves and cherry tomatoes. But I rarely buy fresh herbs to be honest, and find most can be substituted for dried. And I rarely buy real garlic now. I’m lazy, I’ll freely admit this, and the chopped frozen kind you can buy is way too handy. Lastly, either halve 30 cherry tomatoes or throw in a tin? No contest – I told you I’m lazy!


Throw the poaching ingredients in a pan. I had to remove the skin from the salmon – finding skinless salmon fillets is not an easy task! By the time I came to poach it, I might have had a glass of wine, and was trying to hold a conversation, so I missed the part in the recipe where it says to simmer the liquid until reduced by half. It would seem it’s not necessarily important! Indeed, you could just poach the salmon in veg stock until cooked through and it would be fine – you wouldn’t get the slight tang of the wine/vinegar mix against the cream sauce, but it would still work. Poach the salmon for about 8 minutes, until it’s cooked through. Or until the rest of your meal is cooked, it really doesn’t matter if it gets a bit longer.


For the sauce, throw all 3 ingredients into a pan and gently heat. That’s it! I served it with roasted veg. Don’t be put off by the cream sauce – the garlic and tomatoes make it totally lush. You don’t need much. With those ingredients I had some sauce left over.  Simple? Happy cooking.

Oh and the kids had fish fingers 😉