White Chocolate ‘Bread & Butter’ Pudding

Before we get to the recipe, I thought I’d share this, especially after what I said in my Mushroom Stroganoff blog. My girls go to nursery for a couple of days during the week. They bring a LOT of ‘artwork’ home – which I’m obviously treasuring. In the recycling bin. Ahem. They’re latest creations were ‘Caterpillar Hats’. This is them:


I’ll give you a second to find the hat made by Alice….

She dances to her own tune, that one! And if you can’t see anything ‘different’ in the photo, you’d get along great with my eldest daughter ūüėČ

So today’s blog is all about pudding. I wish I could make pudding every day. I just love pudding. But unfortunately my¬†‘metabolism’ won’t allow it. Anyone else have this problem??

This is a take on the traditional bread and butter pudding, made a bit more fancy schmancy with the addition of white chocolate and the use of a sweet bread. The original recipe is¬†by¬†Phil Vickery (I have his condensed milk pudding recipe book – it’s amazing!) which you can find here, but I’ve changed the dark chocolate to white, and used panettone (in this instance) instead of croissants, plus simplified¬†the cooking method slightly. I¬†have¬†made the original recipe before which is absolutely fantastic¬†too, in case you feel like giving it a go.

But onto this recipe.



Sweet bread*
200g white chocolate
300ml milk
600ml double cream
1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
4 egg yolks
170g condensed milk

* I used panettone this time as I had some leftover from Christmas. However, had I not, I would have used either croissants or brioche, and added a couple of handfuls of sultanas sprinkled over. You could even use simple buttered bread, again adding some dried fruit. And quantities are pretty flexible – I tend to just fill the dish I’m using. But generally, 6-8 croissants/brioche rolls would be about right.

1. Butter your ovenproof dish (at least 2.4 litres/4.25 pints capacity). I’ll admit that I find buttering anything is easiest using my (clean, obv) hands.


And chop up the chocolate into fine shards. Basically get it quite small so that it melts easier.


2. If you’re using croissants/brioche rolls, cut them in half lengthways and arrange them in your dish. I just tore my panettone slices into large pieces and overlapped them a bit in the dish, then chucked the crumbs over. Don’t be fussy, just try to get your layer(s) even. Mine looked like this for comparison:


Nothing neat about that!

3. In a saucepan, gently heat the milk, cream and nutmeg until almost coming to the boil.


Whilst this is warming, put the egg yolks and condensed milk in a bowl, and whisk to combine. Then top with the white chocolate.


4. Pour the hot milk/cream over this mixture and stir until the chocolate has melted. Pour this over the bread and ¬†push everything down to get it nice and soaked. Leave this to stand for about an hour (if you can – if you can’t, any ‘standing’ will do).


5. Pop this into a preheated oven, 160¬įC (fan)/325¬įF/Gas Mark 3, for about 25-30 minutes. You want this mostly set, but still with some sauce.


I served this with ice-cream, but it doesn’t really need anything else (although I’d still serve it with ice-cream. I love ice-cream).

It’s a fairly flexible recipe. Change the bread; add fruit, chocolate chips; change the white chocolate to dark (you’ll only need 100g); spread the bread with nutella – whatever takes your fancy. Just keep the milk/cream/eggs the same, ¬†and go for your life!

Happy cooking!


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