The 'Best' Chocolate Chip Cookies

Crisp edge, soft chewy middle, loaded with chocolate chips, these really are the best chocolate chip cookies!

I don’t make the claim in the title lightly. I’ve made a lot of chocolate chip cookies in my time. Different recipes, all claiming to be great. I found this recipe on Pinterest, it’s from the New York Times. They claimed it was the best, and by jove, I fully agree! (I’ve changed it a smidge to suit me, but nothing drastic)

However, this does depend on what you’re looking for in your cookie. Are you looking for a lovely, crunchy edge? A buttery, chewy middle? A wealth of chocolate chips? Yes? Then these are the cookies for you! I like to think of them as the classic American chocolate chip cookie (American friends, please don’t shoot me down in flames here). Whatever you’re looking for, regardless of what you like, these are a good cookie. Make them, and tell me what you think.


140g unsalted butter, softened
140g soft light brown sugar
110g granulated sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
240g plain flour
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
200g chocolate chips (or whatever you fancy; smarties, M&M’s, cranberries & white choc chips)

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies |

1. Cream the butter and sugar together. I used my mixer for this, but you could do it with a hand-mixer, or even by hand. Creaming isn’t as important for biscuits as it is for cake. Really just give them a good old mix.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies |

2. Next beat in the egg and the vanilla extract.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies |

3. Sift the dry ingredients (flour, bicarb, baking powder and salt) into the bowl, then add the chocolate chips and give it a good mix.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies |

If you’re doing this by hand-mixer or by hand, you’re probably as well getting stuck in with your hands as the mixture becomes quite stiff.


4. I tend to spoon this out of the bowl onto clingfilm and roll it into a sausage (you need a fairly big piece of clingfilm to do this), before popping it into the fridge for at least a couple of hours. The dough will keep quite nicely in the fridge for days. Or you can even freeze the dough.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies |

You need to refrigerate the dough before baking it, otherwise the cookies will spread too much.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies |

5. When you’re ready to bake the dough, preheat your oven to 170°C (fan)/325°F/Gas 3. Take the dough out of the fridge and cut it into slices.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies |

6. Roll each slice into a nice little ball, and lay on greaseproof paper on a baking tray. Space them nicely apart as they will spread a fair bit (even after refrigeration) once in the oven.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies |

7. Pop them into the oven for about 10-12 minutes. Keep an eye, as they don’t take long and you want to get them out just as the edges are starting to brown. I’m still getting used to my oven, and would say that mine are slightly overcooked (oops!).

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies |

I got 38 cookies out of this mix (excuse the hand of an overeager 3 year old!). My cookies slightly vary in size – obviously because I’m catering for adults and children alike (ahem).  These will keep in an airtight container for at least a week – if not longer, they’ll just get a bit harder.

I hope you find these as ridiculously good as I do. Now all I’ve got to do is not eat them all….

Happy cooking!



Author: Sarah Margetts

Busy mum of four, cooking up a storm.

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