The Hectic Cook Begins Blogging….

I love cooking. There is honestly no place I am happier than in the kitchen cooking something up. I take a lot of pleasure from seeing people enjoying something I’ve cooked for them. And, to be honest, it’s something I’m pretty good at. I can’t sing, I can’t draw, but I can cook.

It strikes me though that it’s something a lot of folk out there can’t do. Which I think is really sad. If you can cook, but don’t enjoy it, fine. But if you’ve never been taught to cook, so have never had the chance to enjoy it, then you’ve been sold short.

So I thought I’d start a blog, with all the recipes I like to cook. Nothing complicated, I’m a woman on a time limit, so simplicity is usually key. I’ll warn you now, my food isn’t usually that pretty, and I can’t photograph to save myself. But it should taste good – which is really all that matters, right? I cook for my family of six – husband, son aged 5, and 3 year old triplet daughters (yes, you read that right, triplets!) – hence the ‘hectic’ part of the title. So I’ll be blogging about what I cook for them. Sometimes the husband and I have ‘adult’ meals which the kids won’t eat – they might be a bit more interesting, but still pretty straight forward. I’m not strictly a ‘budget cook’, but cooking for 6 I do try to keep it cheap. However, I often rate speed over budget, so please don’t judge me for that.

So, this is me. I hope you enjoy my blog – happy cooking!


Author: Sarah Margetts

Busy mum of four, cooking up a storm.

3 thoughts on “The Hectic Cook Begins Blogging….”

  1. Whoop whoop!!! I predict this is going to be a cakelicious success 🍰 let us know when next installment is x

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